It can be a very stressful experience to move to a new home. While most moving companies you will find today will help you during your move and make the whole process easier, it is sad to see how some companies will take advantage of your weakness during this frazzling time. You might feel tempted to choose the cheapest ad you see online. However, if you will not be careful, there is a risk of falling into the hands of a scam.

To help you stay away from these scams, there are a few things to keep in mind when you hire a moving company.

Warning Signs of a Scam Moving Company

Check out the number of locations!

If a deal sounds unbelievable and out of this world, it probably is. An advertised price is often not clarified by small context or print, and doesn’t really state the price being referred to. This is what a scam is. Once a contingency has been encountered, this price will increase. Since no paperwork is involved, there will also be no binding agreement. This is how half of your belongings will be held hostage in the moving truck during your move.

Hallmarks of a Reliable Moving Company

Before anything else, a good moving company must have a presence of several consumer review sites like Angie’s List or Google+. The best company also understands the importance of building credibility and will also make the effort of ensuring that they get positive reviews. You also have to take extra care of a too perfect looking score since it might indicate that these are not authentic reviews. Provided that the feedback looks reasonable and positive, you will be safe.

The company must also provide you with an office manager or move coordinator. The job of this person is to make sure that your move will result in a positive experience. It is different from ensuring that the entire moving process will go smoothly. There are instances when problems are unavoidable. The pieces of furniture might not fit, or the keys to the new house are not available yet. A move coordinator will be responsible for your move from point A to B. They are up to date with the process if things don’t go as planned, and they handle problems which might happen after the move. Large and small moving companies alike usually miss this particular step. If you find a moving company that offers such service, you can have the peace of mind knowing you are in good and safe hands.

How to Prevent Falling into the Hands of Scamming Moving Companies?

The best way to save yourself from the risks of being scammed is by planning ahead. If you make an early booking, you will have more available options. It means you will have the time for finding the company with whom you can have a good relationship. When you have enough time, you can also schedule an onsite visit to know if a company can live up to its promises. Remember, moving companies will be in charge of efficient and safe moving all your items. This is an important decision you must never rush.