Stuart Varney On The Economic Impact Of The Government Shutdown

October 2, 2013 at 10:01 am

The House of Representatives will make another attempt Wednesday to pass three emergency funding bills after each failed to obtain the required two-thirds majority Tuesday.  Meeting Tuesday morning, the Senate rejected and earlier proposal, in a party-line vote.

Both sides have dug in, with Republicans insisting that any spending bill include provisions to chip away at ObamaCare, and Democrats refusing to allow it.

Stuart Varney the host of Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network joined John and Amy to talk about the economic impact of the government shutdown:

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3 Responses to “Stuart Varney On The Economic Impact Of The Government Shutdown”

  1. If Mr. Varney is dissatisfied paying American taxes I suggest he return to England. Also does he feel the DC officer responding to the shooting today doesn’t need his back pay after getting hurt on the job protecting the Capital? According to the audio that is the case.

  2. I am a furloughed federal employee, sent home without pay for who knows how long, driving an old Civic with 225,000 miles. I am NOT living large, and this multi-millionaire jerk wants to punish me for some reason? Pi$$ off, Stuart.

  3. I’ve been to England, people there are very nice. Why is it that all the a**holes come to the U.S.?

    Federal workers are not bad people that deserve to be punished. The President and the Congress are to blame for this not the average person that works in federal government.

    While some high executives may be living large, most of us are just trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck, paying bills and trying to raise our kids while serving our country.

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