Miguel Fuentes With The Guardian Angels On The Recent Flash Mob Attacks

June 14, 2012 at 10:05 am

The 23-year-old man didn’t think much about it when a large group of teenagers got on the Red Line train as he, his wife and a friend, but it turned into the most recent “Flash Mob” attack in Chicago.

Miguel Fuentes the Chicago Chapter Leader for the Guardian Angels joined John and Amy to talk about the work that they are doing to help track down the people responsible for the Red Line “Flash Mob” attacks:

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2 Responses to “Miguel Fuentes With The Guardian Angels On The Recent Flash Mob Attacks”

  1. Miguel Fuentes is a hypocritical two-faced puppet of sliwa’s. He sets up people, plants evidence and has n clue about the justice systems laws and rules.

  2. You must be someone who was arrest by Miguel Fuentes? I think you have no clue about what Guardian Angels do. With hundreds of arrest, not once have there been a question in the arrest made by him. If you want to make a comment you should have facts and not personal grudges.

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