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Texas Gun Shop Takes It Up a Notch With Latest Sign Blasting Obama

The gun shop’s latest message slamming President Barack Obama over his handling of the Islamic State has sparked as much controversy as any of its past messages.

7 Charged in Machete Attack on the CTA

Seven people, including three juveniles, have been arrested and charged with attacking two brothers with a machete at the Brown Line Kedzie CTA station in the Albany Park neighborhood early Monday morning. The brutal attack was captured on surveillance video.

Four Maywood Firefighters Suspended Over Refusal To Remove American Flag Decals

Maywood firefighters suspended over refusal to remove American flag.

California High School Gets Rid of Controversial Mascot

The team nickname is the Arabs, and there are pictures of Arab-looking men painted both on the school’s welcome sign and outside the gym.

Owner Of Gun Range Where Instructor Was Killed Defends Letting Kids Operate Uzis

Manager of Arizona gun range defends letting children train with firearms.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Comes to AM560!

Watch Amy Jacobson, Dan Deibert & David Stripling participate!

Video: Jesse Jackson Confronted by Ferguson Protesters: ‘We Don’t Want You Here’

Protesters turn on Jesse Jackson

Mystery loan lets Jacksons keep both homes

Mystery loan lets Jacksons keep both homes

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Have You Had This Reaction to Traffic in Chicago?

This poor guy left his house at 6am, only to encounter Montreal traffic. His day has not started well.

NSFW! Abortion Activist attacks Pro-Lifer.

NSFW! "No Uterus, no right to talk about it". Burger King employee attacks pro-lifer.

The Most Incredible Fireworks Video You’ve Ever Seen

When you fly a drone through a fireworks display, this is what you get. Pretty amazing.

Lightning Strikes Willis Tower During Torrential Storm

Lightning strikes the WIllis Tower Multiple times during the June 30th storm.

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