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Owner Of Gun Range Where Instructor Was Killed Defends Letting Kids Operate Uzis

Manager of Arizona gun range defends letting children train with firearms.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Comes to AM560!

Watch Amy Jacobson, Dan Deibert & David Stripling participate!

Video: Jesse Jackson Confronted by Ferguson Protesters: ‘We Don’t Want You Here’

Protesters turn on Jesse Jackson

Mystery loan lets Jacksons keep both homes

Mystery loan lets Jacksons keep both homes

Quinnepac Poll Rates Obama “Worst President Since WWII”

Quinnepac Univeristy Poll Rates Obama as "Worst President Since WWII"

Jason Mattera Asks Hillary to Sign New Book to “Chris Stephens”

Jason Mattera has a special request when Hillary signs a copy of her book...

Woman Faces A Year In Jail For Beating Drone Operator

Andrea Mears, a 23 year old woman in Connecticut took exception to Austin Haughwout, who finished flying his helicopter drone, at the beach.  Mears immediately got on the phone with the police and urged them to come by as she …

Man paints American flag on home to celebrate his patriotism

A Florida man couldn’t handle being told how his home should look by Florida’s code enforcement policies any longer.  He protested in a very patriotic way – he painted the American Flag on the facade of his home.  Brent Greer

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NSFW! Abortion Activist attacks Pro-Lifer.

NSFW! "No Uterus, no right to talk about it". Burger King employee attacks pro-lifer.

The Most Incredible Fireworks Video You’ve Ever Seen

When you fly a drone through a fireworks display, this is what you get. Pretty amazing.

Lightning Strikes Willis Tower During Torrential Storm

Lightning strikes the WIllis Tower Multiple times during the June 30th storm.

Park Ranger Fired for Dancing On the Job

“Let me be the park ranger. I was labeled 'the dancing park ranger' so let me be the dancing park ranger.”

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