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Madigan Blames TEA Party for Backlash Against Obama Library Funding

Committee voted without any Republicans present to borrow $100 million for Obama library

Skokie Man Denied Concealed Carry Permit

Previous misdemeanors triggered objections from law enforcement agencies.

Obama & Biden Selfies are Getting out of Control

This trend must be stopped before it goes too far.

Man Who Harasses His Neighbors Forced to Carry Sign

Judge sentences man to 5 hours of holding up a sign that says, “I am a bully!”

Sen. Rand Paul Wants to Make it Easier to Arm Pilots

Kentucky lawmaker believes this plan could stop another 9/11 style terrorist.

South Side Residents Upset Over Metal Detector at Chase Bank

Community leaders are offended by the message being sent by security measures.

Jeb Bush Calls Illegal Immigration an, “Act of Love”

Has he sunk his 2016 political aspirations?

A Glimpse of Chicago from the Late 1940s

Take a virtual tour of Chicago from almost 70 years ago.

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Brian Williams Raps “Gin & Juice” on the Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon’s latest send-up of the NBC Nightly News Anchor

The Reason You Don’t Bring Live Animals on a News Set

The moment gets very awkward when two bunnies get frisk during a newscast in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Senator Speaking About Train Safety Nearly Hit by a Train

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal was holding a press event on a train platform in Connecticut to raise awareness about train safety when a passing train nearly hit the lawmaker.

The Most Epic Wheel of Fortune Fail Ever

Indiana University must be so proud.

Mike Huckabee Claims North Korea is More Free than the U.S.

The potential 2016 candidate taking on the war on free thought.

Hillary Clinton Dodges a Thrown Show

Former Secretary of State was on-stage at Vegas when the footwear was tossed at her.

Joe Biden Claims He Sleeps with a Community College Professor Every Night

The Vice President quickly clarified his remarks.

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